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Summer Tour 2021 final poster

Whitchurch Little Theatre Group


Join us for an evening of thrills and chills, with three spine chilling plays.


In The Monkey's Paw by Paul Thain,

Arthur and Irene are a couple facing hard times at the end of the 19th Century. An old family friend gives them a mysterious monkey's paw that allows them three magic wishes. However their dreams of a better life quickly turn into a nightmarish choice! Be careful what you wish for!


In The Attic by Robert Scott,

Demi and Callum are a happy young couple moving house. In the attic Demi finds a letter that soon becomes her obsession who is the woman that wrote it?

What does she want? Was it a suicide note or a confession? Either way, Demi has no idea of what's about to come!


J.B. Priestley's play The Rose and Crown takes place after WW2 in a small pub in North East London, where one evening an assortment of local characters gather. There's a grumpy plumber, a hard drinking widow, a moaning hypochondriac, a newly wed couple, and a cheerful spiv. Into this mix comes a dark, mysterious stranger, and the group know that nothing will ever be the same again.



We look forward to seeing you.